Reciprocating Semi Hermetic Two Stage Compressor

Kategori: Kompresor AC

The semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, which compress the refrigerant in two stages, are optimized for the low-temperature refrigeration range. Liquid subcooling significantly increases the cooling capacity and efficiency of the entire system.

ModelHPSuction Line (in)Discharge Line (in)
S4T-5.2Y51 1/87/8
S4N-8.2Y81 1/87/8
S4G-12.2Y121 3/81 1/8
S6J-16.2Y161 5/81 3/8
S6H-20.2Y201 5/81 3/8
 S6G-25.2Y251 5/81 3/8
S6F-30.2Y301 5/81 3/8