EC / DC Axials Fan YWF Series

One of EC fans is direct current brushless fan with alternating current input. AC-DC conversion loop, PFC loop, BLDC loop, design of interface circuit integration. It could be more convenient when clients design their power part, Because the switching circuit already inside the fans.

The benefits of external axial fan include higher heat dissipation capacity and higher running reliability.

YWF – A2S – 200S
YWF – A2S – 250S
YWF – A4S – 300S
YWF – A4S – 350S
YWF – A4S – 400S
YWF – A4T – 450S
YWF – A4T – 500S
YWF – A4T – 630S
YWF – A6T – 800S
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