Muller Evaporator MLT Muller Low Temperature

Evaporator Muller MLT

Evap Muller Evap WONGSO
MLT045-NCWDD 3.7/22
MLT051-NCWDD 5.6/30
MLT061-NCWDD 5.6/30
MLT068-NCWDD 7.5/40
MLT081-NCWDD 7.5/40
MLT091-NCWDD 11.2/60
MLT103-NCWDD 11.2/60
MLT115-NCWDD 11.2/60
MLT124-NCWDD 11.2/60
MLT022-NCWDD 2.2/12
MLT027-NCWDD 2.8/15
MLT033-NCWDD 3.7/22
MLT038-NCWDD 3.7/22
MLT057-NCWDD 5.6/30

MLT Low Profile Unit Cooler

  • Extended model and capacity range
    -Low Temp range: 22 models, 1 ~ 5 fans, 1 ~ 12 kW
  • The drain tray is reversible with new 32 mm threaded fitting
  • Larger hanger bars with clawed feet are located in the cabinet
  • New cabinet design features easy front opening access to electrical panel and a separate panel for refrigeration components
  • The electrical board is front facing for easy access and the terminal board simplifies wiring
  • Lanyards are included to hold the drain tray
  • Options
    Designed and built for Commercial Refrigeration Applications, we are able to supply the following options:
    –  Medium temperature models with electric defrost
    –  Fin space in 4, 5, 6 FPI (4.23, 5.08, 6.35 mm)
    –  Fin coating, stainless steel casing

Defrost time for average loads should be approx. 20-25 minutes including drainage. Time will vary with varying degrees of ice-up. Time termination should be set to ensure complete defrost at the heaviest load condition. Typically allow 25-30 minutes with safety reset at 35 minutes. Temperature termination setting depends on frequency and and severity of defrost, and location of the senseing device. If using standart frezeer thermostat, the defrosting guidelines above should be used.