Hanvier Ball Valve

Model GBC Ball Valve is a manually regulated shut-off valve, which is applicable to two-direction flow. It is used on the liquid, air suction and hot vapor piping of the freezer, could store and air conditioning unit.

The valve seat of Model GBC ball valve is well sealed with perfect sealing performance.

Ball valve is a through-type with maximum flow rate and wide scope of operating temperature.

It is also equipped with a secondary sealing cap and the metal wire could be used to prevent the sealing cap from missing and avoid any mistake operation in maintenance.

HBC-10S 3/8″
HBC-12S 1/2″
HBC-16 5/8″
HBC-28 1-1/8″
HBC-35 1-3/8″
HBC-42 1-5/8″
HBC-54 2-1/8″
HBC-67 2-5/8″
HBC-79 3-1/8″
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