Filter Drier ShellModel DFS

Model DFS Filter Drier is used on the liquid piping of refrigeration and air conditioning unit to dry refrigerant (absorb water from system) and filter the solid from system in order to protect the refrigeration and air conditioning system for an efficient and safety operation.

Model DFS is composed of 100% 3A molecular sieve and 100un filter cartridge.

It’s molecular sieve is 100% 3A solid filter cartridge. This solid filter is used for HFC and HCFC refrigerants and synthesized polyester oil (POE or PAG) system.

DFS-0521/4″DML 052
DFS-053 3/8″ DML 053
DFS-0833/8″DML 083
DFS-0841/2″DML 084
DFS-1633/8″DML 163
DFS-1641/2″DML 164
DFS-1655/8″DML 165
DFS-3041/2″DML 304
DFS-3055/8″DML 304
DFS-3063/4″DML 306
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