Sekisui Thermobreak® Thermaloc XT ™ Next-Gen Pipe Supports

Thermobreak Thermaloc XT is a new generation closed cell foam pipe support offering superior compression performance, a low K value and excellent heat resistance.


Shear & Tensile Strength and Crush Resistance

Pipes contract and expand when undergoing swift temperature
changes and can put a lot of force on a pipe support.
Thermaloc XT is a highly engineered material, designed to withstand
extreme shear & tear strengths, temperature fluctuations and pressure
from pipe movements

Superior Thermal Properties

Thermaloc XT has a K Value of 0.037 w/mK, which is in linewith
Thermobreak pipe insulation. These improved thermal properties in
combination with the closed cell material mean greater protection from
sweating and moisture absorption.


Thermaloc XT has a compressive strength which is 5 times better than
other pipe supports and allows for larger weights to be supported.

Heat Resistance

Traditional pipe supports are commonly limited to a maximum
operating temperature of 100 deg C. Thermaloc XT is made from an
innovative new material that can be used in temperatures up to 150
degrees C without compromising compressibility of the bloc.