Reciprocating Semi Hermetic Compressors Two Stage Series Models: 9 Displacement : 25.2 – 123.1 m3/h Motor Power: 5 – 40 HP

The range of compressors with double compression stage is optimized for low-temperature applications and deep freezing. All the models provide for a system of subcooling of the liquid which allows to increase the cooling capacity and efficiency of the entire plant. The mechanical dimensioning of all the components has been optimized specifically for the particular characteristics of the low-temperature applications, making these extraordinarily reliable compressors.

RSH – Patented Capacity Control

Frascold’s patented Reduced SuctionHead technology allows our reciprocating compressors to run unloaded indefinitely. Unlike standard capacity control, RSH capacity lets the compressor run without overheating while energized. This revolutionary feature provides application flexibility while reducing heat, vibration and damage from unloading stress.

  • 2,4,6 and 8 Cylinders
  • Reduced wear and vibration
  • Run unloaded indefinitely
  • Efficient & reliable unloading
  • Frascold exclusive solution
  • Retrofit existing compressors
S5-26.16 Y251425.2
S7-27.19 Y271826.9
2V10-42.29 Y2102341.9
2Z 15-60.30 Y4153158.8
2Z 20-72.36 Y4203770.8
2Z 25-84.42 Y4254583.8
2Z 30-105.51 Y43053102.9
2Z 35-112.56 Y43560112.1
2Z 40-123.62 Y44071.9123.1
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