WEBF Wongso Evaporator Blast Freezer

The perfect combination of German fans and Italian design software


Adopting high quality motor with IP54, reasonable gap with the wind vane, guide ring and hyperbolic designed ducting, achieve maximum efficiency of fan.


Efficient use of multiple tooth inner thread pipe, Rate of more than 99.9%, increasing of the innertube surface area and improving the efficiency of heat transfer.


Heat exchanger is adopted directly back to the oil and counter current, to avoid accumulation of oil and make full use of heat exchanger area, improving the heat transfer efficiency and ensuring the superheat temperature of heat exchanger.


Using 3003 aluminum alloy shell or DC51-D+180g, powder coating for outdoor, and after high temperature curing, the material has high strength, and strong corrosion resistance, standard color is RAL7035.

WEBF Advantages as Industrial Unit Cooler

DESIGNUsing the European design software ,according to the actual demand accurate design of heat exchanger, can design the latest refrigerant as: R404a, CO2, R410A, R507A and other special low-temperature cold equipments etc
SHAPEShape with flexible and changeable, drawing, blowing. Forward airflow, airflow up, airflow down, precision meet the actual needs of different occasions, the cold quantity to the location of the actual needs, improve efficiency
COILTube pattern aligned 50x50mm, special copper tubes OD 15.88 mm, also can use stainless tube. Aluminium fin spacing with 7,8,9, 10, 12, 14, and 16 mm.
Fin and copper interface is more sufficient, thermal resistance smaller, more efficient, can also provide copper fin, stainless steel fin, and some variety of anti-corrosion treatment scheme.
CASINGSizes Fan 630-800-900 used galvanized steel powder coated RAL 7035 and plastic material.
DRIP TRAYAlMg3, powder coated RAL9010, for easy cleaning the drip tray can be folded down or removed. Perfect condensation water drain due to optimal drain design. Drain nozzle mounted at an angle below 45 degrees.
HEADERThe international famous brand, the material of heating tube of SUS304 stainless steel, the surface heat load is less than 2.0 W/cm2, longer life.