Sekisui Thermobreak® Thermaloc™ – Pipe Supports


  • Thermobreak® Thermoloc™ Pipe Supports are made using dense cross-linked polyolefin foam. The crosslinking of the polymer, ensures the cell structure is fine cell and very durable. Under extreme humid conditions, the tough closed cell product will not absorb water as wooden ferrules may do.
  • Thermobreak® Thermoloc is designed to ensure an air tight seal when the clamps are tightened, preventing air movement in to the cold piping.


Optimum Technical Performance

  • Closed cell will not absorb moisture or degrade over time
  • Ensures a flat surface to butt insulation against, allowing a tight and secure joint.
  • Built in’ loc’, once tightly taped, Thermobreak® Thermoloc will prevent any air movement through the join {especially important in cold line applications to prevent potential air condensation}

Outstanding Durability & Appearance

  • Reliable and durable performance unaffected by water and humidity
  • Pipes move with contraction and expansion, eroding the ferrule. The tough PE foam will resist movement and prevent gap formation over time
  • Resistant to detergents, diluted acids, alkalis, alcohols, esters and fungi ensuring performance in even the most demanding applications.

Independently Tested and Certified

  • Critical insulation performance factors such as thermal conductivity, vapour permeability, as well as fire performance, smoke density and toxicity are tested and certified by independent laboratories. Copies of all the certificates are included in our Technical Information Kit.

Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Completely user friendly and does not emit fibres or dust during installation or in service.
  • Non-irritant, odourless, and will not support bacterial growth.
  • No special face masks or gloves required.
  • Green Star compliant (VOC), Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), Made without Ozone destroying agents such as CFCs or HCFCs.

Easy To Use

  • Quick, easy & safe application, the blocks are preformed, so there is no need for cutting and no dust or mess
  • Length of the block along the pipe is 50 mm or 75 mm allowing for ample space for sealing the insulation up and so ensuring a continuous seal.
  • Lock together profile decreases installation time and ensures airtight finish

Extensive Technical Support

  • Backed by the financial and technical strength of a global company with locally based engineers.